FairwaySports: a Pro-Tent 5000 folding tent for golf events

The golf marketing & event agency FairwaySports is the strategic partner for corporate events, sponsoring and marketing measures in the golf sector. With over 15 years of experience, FairwaySports offers exceptional golf events. In use since 2021: a Pro-Tent 5000 folding tent. The robust folding pavilion is used as a so-called "scoring meeting point" where players can compare results after tournaments. In this interview, Christian Witt, Managing Director / Sales & Marketing, tells us how the Pro-Tent 5000 has established itself as a meeting place for players and sponsors and why it is the ideal choice for outdoor use.


Hello Mr Christian Witt. Please briefly introduce yourself and your company/association.

FairwaySports is a golf marketing & event agency founded in 2016. We are partners for strategy, conception and implementation of corporate events, sponsoring and marketing measures in the golf sector. FairwaySports is owner-managed, independent and has over 15 years of experience in the golf event market. Our creativity and the entire service portfolio has only one goal: To create exceptional golf events for our clients and their guests!

How many and which Pro-Tent folding tents do you have in use and for which events do you use them?

We have had a 4.5 x 3 m 5000 tent in outdoor use at our golf events since 2021.

For what purposes do you use Pro-Tent tents at these events? (e.g. as admission tent, sales tent, festival tent, bad weather shelter, ...)

The tent serves as a "scoring meeting point" where players compare and sign their scores after the tournament round. In addition, a champagne reception is held there as a first refreshment for the players, hosted by sponsors.

What special requirements did the tents have to fulfil for you?

Since we want to use the tent exclusively outdoors in all weather conditions, we placed great value on the stability and quality of the material of the respective folding pavilion. Stability in stronger winds was also just as important to us as quick assembly and dismantling.

Did you need to use custom-made products? If so, which ones?

We had 1/3 of the back wall printed with a golf motif in photo quality.

How did you hear about the folding tents from Pro-Tent?

We conducted an intensive internet search for high quality outdoor tents.

How long have you been using your Pro-Tent folding tent? And has the purchase been worth it for you?

We have now used the tent for 3 tournaments in the 2021 season and have been able to establish the idea of scoring combined with a reception there so successfully that sponsors have already acquired advertising rights in this area.

Is there any special event involving your Pro-Tent folding tent you can recall?

For us, of course, it was the first tournament with the tent in May 2021. We were curious to see how this place between the end of a round of golf and the club terrace would be received by the players. We were thrilled that it has established itself as a "players' meeting place" right from the start and that sponsors are also interested in using this venue.

Our interview partner

Christian Witt
Managing Director FairwaySports

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