Folding tent 6 x 3 m

Easy to assemble and to transport

No matter whether for indoor or outdoor events, whether as a sales tent or marquee: You need only a few minutes to assemble our stable pavilions at the venue site. The length of six meters offers enough space, for instance, to present products at trade fairs. The 3 m depth provides adequate room for both a counter and your staff. So your staff at outdoor events have the best protection against UV and rain. The transport bag with castors offers a convenient, space-saving solution for the relocation of your folding tent. This is included with the Pro Tent MODUL 4000 and Pro Tent 5000.

Convincing presentations – irrespectively of your budget

Depending on your budget, the use you want to make of your folding tent, and the needs your premium folding tent must fulfil, Pro Tent can offer you three models measuring 6 x 3 m: Choose from the Pro-Tent 5000, the Pro Tent MODUL 4000, and the entry-level folding tent model Pro Tent 2000. All three versions of this folding tent can be assembled quickly and easily. In addition, they are waterproof and flame retardant (B1). The upgrades available for the tents are a wide, diverse range of accessories.

The following models are available in the 6 x 3 m size

Folding tent references

For every field

Each and every day, our workshops turn out folding tents, but not a single one resembles the other. Every customer is different, and therefore every Pro‑Tent product, which differs in size, fittings, and design. Seeking ideas for your new folding tent? Then browse through our references for your own ideas.

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