Folding pavilion 8 x 4 m

Safety for customers, guests, and staff

Large sheltered area protected again sun and rain: the 8 x 4 m folding pavilion offers a lot of space. At outdoor events like weddings, trade fairs, and festivals, guests, customers, and staff are protected against harmful UV radiation and sudden rainfall. The walls and roofs in our portfolio are UV resistant and exhibit a lotus effect, when water simply runs off without wetting. In addition, the roofs and sidewalls of our tents comply with the flame retardance requirements of building material class B1. The 16 edges presented by the system profiles of our Pro‑Tent 5000 model safeguard particular sturdiness and safety. For safety reasons, the 8 x 4 m folding tents are also the largest in our portfolio. After all, the larger the tent, the more area it presents to any gusts of wind. Need more space? Don’t worry! Our folding tents can be combined easily and safely.

Simple transport and fast assembly

The folding frames for our tents are made of aluminium, making them 20% lighter than a tent with steel sections. Not only that, the folding tent can be erected quickly and easily at the venue.

The following models are available in the 8 x 4 m size



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