Folding tent care

How to clean your Pro-Tent folding pavilion properly

By purchasing a Pro-Tent folding tent, you have acquired a genuine premium product that is particularly durable. In order to enjoy it for as long as possible, it is important that you care for your folding pavilion accordingly. This is the only way to ensure that your folding tent will work without problems every time it is used - for many years to come.

Proper cleaning is very important, especially after using it intensively in difficult terrain and in bad weather. But even if you store your folding tent for a longer period of time, e.g. in winter, you need to care for it thoroughly. Don't worry: Usually, cleaning is not particularly time-consuming and can be done quickly with the tips we provide.

Cleaning the folding tent side walls and the fabric roof properly

You can easily remove superficial dirt with a damp sponge or a damp microfibre cloth. Depending on how much dirt has accumulated, you can also use a mild soap.

If large areas have become dirty, you can also clean the surfaces with running water from a garden hose. Caution: Never clean your folding tent with a high-pressure cleaner, as the water pressure is too high and can damage the PU coating.

After cleaning with water, you must allow your folding pavilion to dry. Only pack it up when the fabric is 100% dry. Otherwise mould may form.

The side walls and fabric roofs can also be cleaned with industrial washing machines suitable for this purpose. However, please only wash the fabrics at a maximum of 30 °C and make sure you use a suitable detergent. Appropriate service providers such as cleaners are usually familiar with this and can advise you.

Caring for your folding tent frame to achieve maximum longevity

You should also take care of the frame so that it always functions optimally. For light dirt, simply use a damp cloth. Depending on the degree of soiling, you can also use a little soapy water.

For greasy dirt spots, a little alcohol cleaner will also help. If the folding tent frame is scratched, you can polish out the scratches with an aluminium paste and a potting sponge or fine scouring pad.

After you have cleaned the telescopic parts such as the inner stand poles be sure to treat them with a silicone spray each time. Simply spray onto a cloth and rub the profiles with it. Caution: WD-40 spray is unsuitable for this as it can cause dust and dirt to stick together, impairing the function of the frame.

Don’t forget to clean your folding tent before storing it

Whenever you pack up your folding tent, you should remove any dirt from it and clean and dry it accordingly. This applies especially if you are going to store it for a longer period of time. So, for example, if the festival season is over and you want to store your event tent for the winter, you absolutely have to clean and dry it beforehand.

This prevents dirt from causing permanent damage or mould from forming due to residual moisture. Of course, sometimes it’s not possible to fully clean the folding tent on site. In this case, you should remove the coarse dirt if possible and build up your folding tent again directly after transport to and finish cleaning it.

Our customer service is pleased to advise you on how to care for your Pro-Tent folding pavilion

You’re not quite sure how to clean your folding tent? Or perhaps your folding tent is particularly dirty and you don't know how to proceed? Don't worry, we are always there for you. Just talk to us and we will advise you on all you need to know about the care and cleaning of your folding tent. Together we will clean your folding pavilion and remove heavy dirt and guarantee that you will enjoy your Pro-Tent product for a long time.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about caring for your folding tent

Ideally, you should clean your Pro-Tent folding pavilion after each use. It’s usually sufficient to remove dirt with a damp cloth before drying and packing the tent. However, in bad weather and depending on the area of use, your folding tent can get very dirty. In this case, you should definitely take enough time to clean the fabric and frame completely. This prevents the dirt from causing any long-term damage.

Simply clean the fabrics with lukewarm water. Depending on how much dirt has accumulated, you can also use a mild soap. Never use chemical cleaners because they can damage the coating. For stubborn dirt, you can also take the side walls and fabric roof to a specialist cleaner, as they are suitable for industrial washing machines.

All Pro-Tent tent fabrics are suitable for cleaning in appropriate industrial washing machines. It’s important that the temperature does not exceed 30 °C and that a suitable, gentle detergent is used. A specialist cleaner can advise you on this. Please do not wash the tent fabrics in a normal household washing machine.

You should clean your folding pavilion after each use before packing it away. This is the only way to ensure that dirt does not have a long-term effect on the function of your folding tent. This is especially true if you store it for a longer period of time - e.g. after the end of the season for the winter. After it has been professionally cleaned, make sure that your folding tent is 100% dry before storing it. This is because residual moisture can quickly lead to mould growth.

You can care for your folding tent frame very easily in three steps:

  1. Cleaning: Remove dirt with a damp cloth. You can use soapy water to remove stubborn dirt. Greasy spots can be removed with an alcohol cleaner.
  2. Removing scratches: Simply polish out any damage with an aluminium paste and a potting or scouring sponge.
  3. Use silicone spray: Treat all telescopic parts with an appropriate spray. Caution: WD-40 spray is unsuitable as it can cause dirt and dust to stick together.
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