Folding tent lock

Your folding tent can be locked

If your folding tent is in the same place for several days, you will save considerable time and effort if you do not have to clear it out every evening. The optional lock makes locking your folding tent for added safety even easier. You can also lock the whole folding tent or individual interior cabins during the day if you consider a padlocked curtain door during the planning stage.

Available for the following model

Matching supplements to these accessories

Room divider/Interior cabin

Cabins/room dividers

Unique and patented: Optional legs and corresponding cross-connectors create cabins in the folding tent.

Curtain system

Sistema di sipario

Pratico: Il nostro sistema di sipario con attacco a click. Il binario per il sipario è attaccato alla nostra barra trasversale.

A waterproof side wall attached to a Pro-Tent folding pavilion.

Parete laterale

Tutte le nostre pareti laterali sono al 100 % impermeabili e stampabili interamente

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