Case study: Zurich Marathon

Achieving sporting excellence - with Pro-Tent folding tents

Taking you through the beautiful city of Zurich and along Lake Zurich: The Zurich Marathon offers a 42.195 kilometre sporting challenge on a course that stands out thanks to its special atmosphere. As a traditional Swiss company, we have been a long-established service partner for the organisers for quite some time - and also accompanied the Zurich Marathon in April 2023 again with our folding tents.

Pro-Tent folding tents in use: a video review

Putting such a large outdoor event into practice requires a special infrastructure. We were able to contribute to the success of the Zurich Marathon 2023 through by offering the use of our tents. Around the course we set up a variety of folding pavilions from start to finish, which provided hassle-free supplies and infrastructure. But as pictures speak louder than words, just take a look at our review.

Our folding tents at the Zurich Marathon were used in a variety of ways

To ensure the best possible experience for marathon runners, a wide variety of needs must be met. This includes, for example, a good point of contact for registering, a cloakroom to store personal belongings and clothing, and supply points for providing drinks and energy supplies along the route. How to get all these tasks under one roof? By using Pro-Tent folding tents! Thanks to quick tent assembly and versatile equipment options, we met all the important needs of marathon runners in record time. We are proud to be a part of the Zurich Marathon - and are already looking forward to the next edition.

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