Event tents

Mobile tents for your professional events

Flexible in design and with flexible equipment options – Pro‑Tent folding tents are ideal for any type of event. With folding counters, half-height side walls, cabins, and lighting systems, Pro‑Tent event tents can be equipped to suit your individual requirements. Our high-quality event tents are easy to transport and require a minimum of effort to assemble.

Pro‑Tent fits in with all requirements

Events are as varied as the people who organise them. Whether for meetings, conferences, congresses, team events or festivals - the list is endless. Although the requirements of private events are different to those of public ones, what they all have in common is that they need a space in which participants, guests and service providers have sufficient room. Especially in the open air, but also for indoor use, folding tents are a perfect complement to a unique location. They offer protection from the sun and rain, and are extremely flexible in terms of size, features, and appearance. Whether complete with a conspicuous, event-specific design or with a simple, plain-colour design plus a few elegant details: Pro‑Tent will configure your event tent just the way you want it.

Pro‑Tent 2000: A classic among folding tents

The Pro‑Tent 2000 has been a great success in our customers’ events for many years; it is very lightweight and compact, which means it can be put up and taken down very quickly even by people of average strength, and lends itself to many kinds of applications. Even though it is so light, the 2000 series is sturdy and built to last: the secret is in its high quality materials. If you have a limited budget and are on the lookout for a high quality folding tent, then the Pro‑Tent 2000 is sure to be an interesting solution.

Pro‑Tent 3000: robust and modern

As well as the usual sizes, our folding tent line Pro‑Tent 3000 contains models of above-average height and size. Our biggest folding tent measures 8 x 4 metres and has a usable area of 32 m². Extra-high tents are particularly popular for events, such as parties, festivals and exhibitions, because their size makes them stand out among the mass of folding tents. Particularly popular in this league is the 4x4-metre folding tent. 

Pro‑Tent MODUL4000: chic and flexible

For more prestigious events, our Premium MODUL4000 folding tent is just the answer. No other folding tent system offers you such a great choice of design and features plus event tent accessories. Moreover, there are several patents that make the Pro‑Tent MODUL4000 simply unique. For example, the sidewalls are inserted into a slot on the support legs and neatly framed at the bottom by an optional aluminium end strip. Besides having an attractively tensioned sidewall, the folding tent also benefits from increased stability in wind and rain.

High-grade material, easy handling

Naturally, we use high-grade materials in all of our models. All of our folding tents are made of aluminium. To maintain a pleasant weight and easy handling, we use glass-fibre-reinforced plastic in place of heavy and unattractive metal connection pieces. We are one of the last manufacturers in Europe not only to produce our own frames but also operate our own printing and manufacturing departments. By taking control of all the production processes and continually monitoring them, we can guarantee an extremely high level of quality management. The Premium Swiss Quality you expect!

The original from Switzerland

Pro‑Tent is not only the manufacturer but also the inventor of the folding tent system. Often copied but never equalled. Which is why we are now able to look back at a thirty year history as manufacturers of folding tents. Are you looking for a particular kind of collapsible tent that you can’t find anywhere on our website? We are also happy to produce customer solutions. Why not have a look at our Special Folding Tents.

Event tent highlights

100% wind-resistant and waterproof!

Pro‑Tent event tents are 100% waterproof – roofs and side walls are UV-stabilised, as well as thermally insulated against heat and cold. The folding construction made of particularly sturdy aluminium also reliably withstands adverse climatic conditions. In strong wind, the telescopic spring integrated in the gable reduces the force acting on the folding frame load.

Printing service

Pro‑Tent event tents can be custom designed. With brilliant print motifs from its own print shop, the event tent becomes a prestigious advertising medium. Photo-realistic prints can also be realised in high quality.

Modular system

Several event tents can be interconnected as desired – to become a larger tent complex of 2 or 3 tents, or even an impressive tent landscape. Stable connection brackets fix and stabilise the event tents – in bad weather, rain gutters ensure that the rain runs outside the tents.