The folding frame from Pro-Tent - thought through to the smallest detail

Virtually unrivalled thanks to its sophisticated profile

The Pro-Tent success story began around 30 years ago when the company founder developed and launched the first aluminium folding frame in Europe. It’s not only customers who are quick to show interest in this promising concept, but also other entrepreneurs recognise the potential of the product. And so the product will be copied hundreds of times over the next three decades. Today there is an abundance of suppliers of folding frames and folding tents. However, hardly any of the competitors have been undertaking any effort to advance their products in recent years. Instead what happened was that a price war broke out at the expense of the quality and durability of the products.

Products are being advanced and developed permanently

Pro-Tent, however, did not join in this battle, but instead remained true to its claim of developing the perfect folding tent. We have continuously developed and advanced our products, for example, with the robust gable spring and lighter, more flexible scissor joints for the roof profiles. Patents have also protected the new inventions and thus secured the lead over the competition. Thanks to our inventive spirit, many of our products still feature unique selling points and advantages over competing products in terms of quality, durability, use and equipment.

It’s the optimum material that sets the professional folding tent apart from the rest

It is above all the use of suitable materials that makes the professional folding pavilions from Pro-Tent what they are today. For example, a few years ago we started using fibreglass-reinforced plastic connectors instead of metal connectors. They are particularly light: High-quality plastics are only a third of the weight of die-cast parts, which is why folding tents from Pro-Tent weigh significantly less than conventional folding tents - yet offer the same stability. The low weight is an unbeatable selling point, especially when it comes to frequent tent assembly and dismantling and regular tent transport.

Use of modern software for more security

Optimising the material was only the first step towards more stability and safety. Today, modern CAD software calculates the load case of a folding frame under severe conditions. The technology makes it possible to optimally match the plastic connectors to the aluminium profiles and to determine predetermined breaking points. The primary goal of the development is to prevent people from being harmed if the folding tent construction is overloaded. Another high goal is to keep the damage to the tent as low as possible.

One system serves two purposes

Over time, Pro-Tent developed the idea to add a folding frame to its existing product portfolio that could be used as an outdoor folding tent and as an exhibition construction system at the same time. A system that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use would offer the customer a double benefit. At the same time, this system, properly developed, could solve another problem: Until now, it has not been possible to elegantly attach the side walls of conventional folding tents to the legs using Velcro strips. This created unsightly gaps that also let wind through.

The birth of the MODUL 4000

The development department came up with a new type of system profile that solved all these problems and was immediately filed for patenting. Due to its 16-edged design, the patented profile not only guarantees enormous stability, but also has a groove system that enables cleanly inserting side walls made of fabric or solid fillings and is an anchor point for various accessories. This marked the birth of the Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 and was awarded the gold medal at an inventors' fair. The Pro-Tent 5000 model, which was developed at a later date, also uses this new system profile.

Wide range of accessories as a unique selling point

The innovative system profile marked the starting point for a far-reaching development, as it created the basis for the wide range of unique accessories that are available today for the MODUL 4000 and the Pro-Tent 5000. Exhibition walls and shelf boards create individual sales areas. Solid fillings and additional legs even create entire rooms inside the folding tent. Today, our MODUL4000 and Pro-Tent 5000 are state of the art. No other folding tent system offers so many expansion and design options.

High standards also when it comes to manufacturing

For us, high quality does not only apply to development, but also to the manufacturing process. That is why all our folding frames are made in Switzerland. In this way, we guarantee top quality workmanship and can also easily implement individual customer wishes. Pro-Tent loves and lives for designing and building folding tents. Our top models are proof of our passion.

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