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Each one of our folding tents reflects 30 years of outdoor experience

All over the world, changes in the climate are bringing about storms and bad weather events of increasing severity. Which is why organisers of outdoor and open-air events are attaching more and more importance to the aspect of wind resistance. Thanks to their robust construction and intelligent design details, waterproof and wind-resistant folding tents from Pro-Tent are reliable companions at any time of year. We will be happy to advise you on choosing and using the right folding pavilion for your outdoor needs, and to point out to you the special benefits that Pro-Tent customers enjoy.

High material quality for enhanced stability

There are many folding tents available on the market in a wide range of price classes that are designed for outdoor use. However, there is also a direct correlation between the sale price and the quality of the tent product. This depends first of all on the quality of the materials and components employed in the tent’s production, but also on the way they interact with each other when the tent structure is subjected to strong forces. Pro-Tent employs several different measures to ensure its outdoor pavilions are of high quality and stability. The loads acting on various sections and components of the folding tents are calculated during the development process. Predetermined break points are then systematically built into the tent. This means that in the majority of cases, the tent can be restored to use easily and inexpensively, in the event of any damage. Pro Tent is the only manufacturer of folding tents to offer for its Pro‑Tent 5000 and MODUL 4000 optional aluminium end strips that are connected to the bottom of fabric walls via slot and piping and secured to the poles with quick-release locks. The rails prevent the poles breaking away in the event of a strong wind.

Rapid response to changes in the weather

When there is a storm in the air, weather conditions can change abruptly. Should it be necessary to dismantle the tent due to the weather, then every second counts. The ability to easily assemble and dismantle a tent in record time is an unparalleled advantage and a good reason to purchase a professionally made folding tent from Pro-Tent. And it is a benefit that is literally written into Pro-Tent’s DNA. The reason why the founder of the Pro-Tent company invented the folding tent in the first place was because he wanted to design a tent system that could be put up and taken down as quickly as possible. Of course it was not long before this initial idea developed into the complex engineering craft that Pro-Tent has continued to develop since its formation and is probably unique in the industry. Patents have been awarded for many of the company’s technical inventions.

The right accessories for your outdoor tent

The ability to control an outdoor tent in the cold and rain with a minimum of effort is determined by the accessories you use with your folding tent. Sidewalls made of abrasion-resistant polyester fabric, either fully enclosed or with windows or a zip-up door, prevent heat loss and offer additional protection against driving rain. In addition, our top models for outdoor use, the Pro-Tent 5000 as well as our other professional folding tents can be upgraded with a lighting system and heater. Equipment options for outdoor activities lasting several days include lockable cabins and even a tent lock.

Quality folding tents have their price

Our advice if you wish to purchase a folding tent for use outdoors is to choose a specialist manufacturer who knows his craft. Quality tents have their price. But in return you get a product that you will enjoy for years to come and that won’t let you down, whatever the conditions. A good frame will last for at least ten years, provided it is put to careful use and is looked after properly. At Pro-Tent, we even have customers who have been using their folding tent systems for 30 years. Our advisers will be happy to give you the information you need to ensure that you obtain the ideal folding tent for your needs. We will be happy to demonstrate one of our folding tents to you.   

Outdoor tent highlights

Rustproof special aluminium alloy

The supporting poles, roof profiles and cross-connectors of the Pro-Tent outdoor tents are made from special aluminium alloy. A particularly light alloy, extremely stable and completely rustproof. All tent frames have a 5-year guarantee as indicated in the Pro-Tent guarantee provisions.

100% waterproof!

Pro-Tent garden pavilions are 100% waterproof – roofs and side walls are UV-stabilised, as well as thermally insulated against heat and cold. The seams are additionally sealed and remain completely sealed even in continuous rain.

Comprehensive range of outdoor accessories

Side walls, pennant system, rain gutters and much more – sophisticated accessories offer versatile equipment options for any kind of outdoor events.

Frequently asked questions about outdoor tents

Smaller tents are better at withstanding windy conditions than large ones. This is because the bigger the tent, the larger the surface on which the wind can act. It therefore makes sense to take the time to decide what size of folding tent you really need before making your purchase. Depending on the situation, it may make sense to use a group of two or three smaller folding tents rather than one large one, because the resulting overall construction will be more sturdy. Using suitable accessories, such as roof gutters and connection pieces, you can configure a large weatherproof space that even offers extra flexibility when it comes to combining and positioning the tents. 

At Pro-Tent, we have conducted a whole series of computer simulations and practical tests on this subject. What we have determined is that our folding tent systems are able to withstand wind speeds of up to force 8 on the Beaufort scale, depending on their size and provided they are correctly anchored. However, if there is one thing that we have learned from our thirty years of experience, it is that the weather never follows a predefined pattern and is anything but predictable. Which means that as a reputable supplier of folding tent systems, we are unable to warranty that a folding tent will in all cases be able to withstand the conditions described.

The main problem is gusts. A gust of wind is a strong movement of air of short duration. It generally involves a change in the wind direction and usually accompanies rain, hail or storms. Gusts do not need to be horizontal; there are also vertical or down gusts that can act with considerable force on the roof of a folding tent. This means that a tent is susceptible to damage if it is installed in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is also possible that several identical folding tents are installed at an outdoor event, one of which is completely destroyed by bad weather, while all the others survive unscathed, even when the peak wind speeds measured at the nearest weather station do not exceed 8 on the Beaufort scale.

Folding tents should always be properly anchored. Under certain meteorological conditions, thermal winds and gusts can still occur, even on days when you think there is no wind. Suitable weight plates should be used under all circumstances. The total weight of these plates must be calculated to suit the size of the tent and its purpose of use.

When winds are approaching, it is essential to provide additional anchoring for the folding tent. Unlike permanent tent constructions, a folding tent does not have any diagonal struts in the roof section. This means that in windy conditions, a folding tent may begin resonating, which can damage the frame. However, the use of additional anchoring will prevent such oscillations from occurring.

In addition to securing with weight plates and providing additional anchoring, it is also important that tents are installed a way that minimises the area directly exposed to the wind. In other words, either remove all the side panels or install them all and make sure they are firmly secured. The most unfavourable situation is one in which a folding tent has three sidewalls mounted, with a single open side that can become exposed to an unexpected strong gust of wind.

Our most popular outdoor tent

Our customers put their faith in the Pro Tent 5000 for outdoor applications. With its suitable combination of weights and sidewalls, you will be able to withstand anything the weather throws at you. Your outdoor tent is guaranteed to be your reliable partner in any situation. So come and order our popular version now.

Pro-Tent 5000

Tent size

3 × 3 m


  • Back wall
  • Sidewalls
  • Sidewall with zip fastener on the door
  • Weight plate (15 kg)
  • Water weight (50 l)


  • none

What our customers are saying

Everything went very well, from the quote to conclusion of contract. We received excellent advice, and the staff were all highly competent and could fulfil all our wishes. Thank you for the great work together. 

Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG

The provided pavilion proved to be top quality in all aspects. My personal highlight was the way the sidewalls are secured. Compared with all the efforts normally involved in a job of this kind (torn loops, sections too short, etc.), the Pro-Tent system is a blessing.

Katholische Kirchengemeinschaft St. Raphael / St. Paul Wuppertal Langerfeld


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