Custom-configured folding tents

Individually tailored folding pavilions in custom sizes

The twelve standard sizes in our Pro-Tent 5000Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 and Pro-Tent 2000 professional folding tent systems vary from compact tents measuring 1.5 x 1.5 m to large 8 x 4 m folding pavilions. Since we supply all twelve standard dimensions from stock, you can expect a delivery within a few days. Even these ‘basic’ models have proven themselves as space wonders, and yet we offer you even more in terms of both space and flexibility.​​​​​​​

As individual as your business

  • Are you looking for an extremely smart, small yet classy solution to serve as a central platform that you can put up and take down yourself with a minimum of effort? If so, you will find that Pro-Tent supplies a standard 1.5x1.5 m solution with features that raise it considerably above the typical quality of mass-produced items from China. In line with our philosophy of ‘quality before quantity’, we deliberately restrict ourselves to a range of ‘only’ twelve best-selling  models, all of which satisfy the highest standards. All other dimensions are made as custom products.
  • Although Pro-Tent folding pavilions can be combined in a modular system, it is also possible that you prefer a larger solution, consisting of a single unit. Whether a festival tent or an event location, an individually manufactured Pro-Tent custom product is always a real eye catcher.
  • Catering space and dance floor under the same roof - if our 8x4 m premium folding tent still isn’t large enough for your needs, you can always add further folding modules. If you wish to know about how to accommodate larger areas under the same (tent) roof, please feel free to contact us. Please note that since your safety is always our prime priority, we only produce individual tents with maximum dimensions of 8x4 m, to ensure maximum stability at all times.
  • If you require a folding indoor pavilion that will accommodate particular room conditions, such as a low ceiling, slanting roof or difficult corners, we are sure to jointly find the right solution that perfectly matches your requirements. 

Made to measure and absolutely waterproof: Premium folding tents from Pro-Tent

Whatever size and features you order, there is one thing we always guarantee: custom-made folding pavilions from Pro-Tent are absolutely waterproof, because Pro-Tent products are always wind and water resistant as standard. As a premium supplier, we fulfil the conditions that ensure this:

  • We also produce the side panels and sidewalls for your custom-dimension Pro-Tent folding pavilion individually. These precisely tailored elements ensure all-round protection against the weather.
  • We are one of the last remaining manufacturers in Europe to maintain our own sewing shop, because we know how closely the quality of our folding pavilions depends on their workmanship. We inspect every seam to ensure it is waterproof, apply seam sealing strips to them, and use only water-repellent threads for the roof, side panels and sidewalls.

Everything is possible: we realise individual folding pavilions

A wide variety of custom designs are produced in the Pro-Tent sewing and printing shops. How would you like a yellow roof with a yellow sidewall? Do you want your zip fasteners to have the same colour or do you prefer them in green? Would you like colour-coordinated velcro strips, red cover panels, or side walls bearing your logo and slogan? We personalise your mobile room solutions and print them in a way that maximises their effect as an advertising medium. The creativity of the employees in our sewing and tailoring departments knows no bounds:

  • Red roof
  • White frill
  • Green velcro strips
  • Black thread
  • Yellow thread
  • Roofs, walls and zips in your preferred colour

Safety and functionality are of top priority when it comes to the custom design of our folding pavilions. As with our twelve standard sizes, our custom products are also configured for mobile use, which means they can be put up and taken down very quickly. Every folding tent lends itself to modular expansion and can be easily modified to accommodate your space requirements.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

This depends on the number of people you wish to accommodate. As a guide, we generally allow 0.5 m² per person standing. In the case of simple seating, the figure is 0.7 m² per person. However, you should allow up to 1.2 m² per guest if you are planning to serve people with food and drinks at the tables.

Should the situation call for more space, because more people are attending your event than you anticipated, you can simply expand into the outside area around the tent, if the weather is good. If you can tell in advance that you will require additional space, you can expand your Pro-Tent professional folding tent system at any time by adding additional tent modules in standard sizes.

To ensure that your tent is one-hundred percent sturdy at all times, Pro-Tent offers folding pavilions with a maxim size of 8 x 4 m. This is because the larger the tent, the greater the surface upon which wind gusts are able to exert their force. At Pro-Tent, anchor sets are included with the standard equipment supplied with the product. With large tents, these are essential for ensuring safety.

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Each and every day, our workshops turn out folding tents, but not a single one resembles the other. Every customer is different, and therefore every Pro‑Tent product, which differs in size, fittings, and design. Seeking ideas for your new folding tent? Then browse through our references for your own ideas.

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