Buying weatherproof folding tents:
What to look out for

Ready for all weathers

When used commercially a folding tent has to withstand a great deal: Moisture, rain, wind, UV radiation ... That's why professional operators usually go for a weatherproof folding tent. But how can you tell if the product really deserves the “weatherproof” attribute? We tell you what to look out for!

Areas of application for weatherproof folding tents

As soon as a folding tent is used outdoors for a longer period of time, it is important that it is weatherproof. This is especially true when it comes to professional operators rather than private use. Whenever an operator uses a folding pavilion commercially, it should always be weatherproof in order to protect goods and customers. Conceivable areas of use for weatherproof folding pavilions include market tents, work tents, party tents, marquees, garden tents, outdoor tents, club tents, catering tents, promotion tents and many more.

Folding tents must withstand every kind of weather

Folding tents are used throughout the year. That is why they must be particularly robust as well as wind and weatherproof :

  • They need to be winterproof because even when the nice weather season is over, the folding pavilions are used – for après-ski, at the Christmas market, as a market tent or promotional stand.
  • They must be weather and waterproof. The weather report tells us about the state of the atmosphere today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Weather, on the other hand, describes the weather in a particular region over a longer period of time. As flexible space solutions, waterproof folding pavilions are intended for prolonged use even during periods of bad weather and must not show any defects in continuous use.
  • They must be weather-resistant. No matter whether the sun is shining or it is raining, stormy or snowing: Folding tents should effectively protect their users against unpleasant weather conditions. So make sure to buy stormproof folding pavilion.

When is a folding tent weather-resistant?

A weather-resistant folding pavilion must meet the following criteria:

  • waterproof: Humidity and moisture must be kept out and must not affect the folding tent fabric in the long term.
  • stable in wind: On the one hand, this concerns the stability of the tent frame. Pro-Tent only uses high-grade materials for this reason. Not only is the design of the aluminium profiles ideally suited to withstand the loads they are exposed to, a special aluminium alloy is also chosen for maximum strength. The high-quality plastic connectors also achieve very high strength combined with a low weight due to a fibreglass content of 30 percent. On the other hand, the tensile strength of the folding tent fabric is crucial.
  • frost-resistant: All materials of the folding pavilion must be suitable for continuous use at temperatures below the freezing point.
  • UV protection: According to the sun protection scale, our Pro-Tent fabrics have a UV protection factor of 50+ according to the American standard AATCC TM 183, the highest protection against UV radiation.

Weatherproof folding pavilions

A question of accessories

You can also tell how serious a supplier is about the attribute "weatherproof" by the accessories: If canopies, rain gutters, waterproof side walls and heavy weight panels are available, your new folding tent is sure to bring you joy in all weathers. For safety reasons, guy sets are definitely part of the standard equipment.

The tent sizes of our weatherproof folding pavilions

Pro-Tent offers you weatherproof folding pavilions in different sizes. From 1.5 x 1.5 m up to 8 x 4 m and special designs, you have all the options.

Frequently asked questions about weather-resistant folding tents

A folding pavilion is truly weatherproof when it meets a total of four criteria: It must be waterproofwind-resistantfrost-resistant and offer UV protection. This requires a stable interaction of tear-resistant tent fabrics and a sturdy frame. A folding tent can only be considered weatherproof if all these criteria have been proven by tests and, if necessary, certification.

You should definitely find out in advance exactly what the respective manufacturer considers to be a weatherproof folding pavilion. So check carefully whether the criteria of waterproofnesswind stabilityfrostresistance and UV protection are supported by tests and, if necessary, certificates. Only then is the folding tent really weatherproof and meets your needs.

Basically, you should keep an eye on the weather and, where appropriate, inform yourself in advance of the general weather situation from the Severe Weather Centre. In case of doubt, we recommend dismantling the folding tent. If the wind suddenly gets up, the tent can be fixed by means of weight plates. If the wind strength increases, it must also be anchored with a clamping set at all four corners of the roof to prevent damage to the folding frame. Only in this way is the folding tent secure and will not be damaged. It is also important that it provides as minimal attack surface as possible when there is a lot of wind: All side walls should be completely assembled or completely dismantled. Strong gusts are especially dangerous. When fastened correctly, Pro-Tent folding tent designs are windproof and weather-resistant up to gale force 8. A special spring in the roof construction absorbs the pressure of fierce gusts of wind and prevents damage to the aluminium construction. The fabric roofs and walls are extremely tear-resistant despite their low weight. If nevertheless damage does occur, predetermined breaking points help to minimise the damage – also to your wallet.

Many insurers explicitly exclude the risk of storm – as well as theft. Damage caused by rain, hailstones and lightning are usually not covered either. Beware of insurance against storm damage: They only pay in the event of wind from gale force 8, i.e. at a wind speed of more than 62 kilometres per hour. If in in doubt, clarify with your insurance company if and how your folding tent is insured.

Your weatherproof folding pavilion from Pro-Tent at a glance

  • 100 % waterproof
  • Windproof up to wind force 8
  • Frost-resistant even in continuous use
  • UV protection factor 50+
  • Flame retardant according to B1

Waterproof folding tents at a glance

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