Beach flag adapter

Easy assembly of highly effective promotional flags

Beach flags can be put up quickly and simply. Flags in the classic teardrop form are available in the sizes 235 cm, 290 cm and 345 cm. The printed motif is single-sided and has a high level of print-through with very good edge definition. The black pole passage is made of aluminium and extremely durable.

A specially designed Pro Tent mounting is used for fixing to the folding tent. The mounting can be fixed quickly and simply at any desired height in the system groove of the folding tent’s outer pole using the sliding block and knurled nut. The fixing pin of the mounting has a diameter of 24 mm. 

A video showing the structure

The mounting for the beach flag is attached directly to any pole of your folding tent. Insert the two sliding blocks into the groove of the folding tent’s outer pole. The mounting is fixed at the desired height with the help of the two knurled nuts.

With the Pro-Tent 2000 you will require two additional connection clamps.These are supplied together with the mounting.

NOTE: Under very windy conditions the beach flag should be removed for safety reasons.

Available for the following model




MODUL 4000



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