Glacier3000: Branded tent for outdoor use

The Swiss company Gstaad 3000 AG operates several ski lifts and cable cars in the Glacier3000 glacier area. Winter sports enthusiasts really get their money’s worth in this snow paradise. Whether skiing on perfectly groomed slopes, winter hiking or in the fun park: Since 2019, Glacier3000 has relied on the weatherproof folding tents from ProTent. In this interview, Shannon Corthay, Marketing and Sales Assistant, explains why the MODUL4000 is simply unbeatable for outdoor use.


Outdoor tents from Pro Tent were used for the first time at the Freeridedays 2019. What convinced you to use the Pro Tent MODUL4000 this year?

We needed a branded Glacier 3000 tent that could be adapted to our events that take place throughout the year.

A folding tent that is used outdoors has to meet special demands. What equipment and extras did you choose in this respect?

For use at 3000 metres above sea level, we were looking for a modular tent that could be used even in the most adverse weather conditions. Pro Tent was able to recommend a module that was optimally suited to our needs.

For what purpose are the folding tents used at the Freeridedays and other events?

Our tent is a reflection of our brand. At, we naturally placed it in the middle of our test centre so that people simply couldn’t miss it. It has a number of purposes, whether as an information stand  or as a place for our customers to rest.

How did the folding tents from Pro Tent perform when you used them? What qualities have you come to appreciate?

The company Pro-Tent provided our team with one of its employees for building up the tent for the first time. This employee knew to find where there was still room for improvement and sent us additional accessories during the week so that our tent would actually meet the conditions at 3000 metres.

Have your expectations regarding the tents been fulfilled?

Yes, absolutely. We are completely thrilled with our tent!

Our interview partner

Shannon Corthay
Marketing and Sales Assistant
Gstaad 3000 AG

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