„Our event appearances are now on the same level as our products.“

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The Trek Bicycle company uses the professional folding tents from Pro Tent for promotional events in the DACH area. Guido Anderwert, Marketing Manager of Trek Fahrrad GmbH, explains why the company chose Pro Tent's products and how Pro Tent's work stands out from the competition.


How many folding tents from Pro Tent are currently in use? What purposes are you using them for?

“We are currently using twelve folding tents from Pro Tent at Trek Bicycle in the DACH area. The whole surface of the tents is covered in print and they are equipped quite differently depending on the function they fulfil. In addition to side walls, fixed infills and printed flags, for example, storage tables as well as the Spacewall© slatwall are used for presenting our products. We use the tents at our big bike events and display our high-quality road and mountain bikes in them. The entire testing process also takes place in the Pro Tent tents."

Why did you choose Pro Tent as your folding tent supplier?

"We sell high-quality, innovative and very beautiful bicycles. Placing such a bike in front of a crumpled back wall was no longer an option for me. We were also impressed by the durability, the sophisticated detail solutions, the support and, above all, the windows in the roofs. This means we can do without artificial lighting at many events, which reduces our outlay."

In your opinion, has buying professional tents paid off for you?

"After the first season, we can already say that the investment has paid off. "Our event appearances are now on the same level as our products." And we can set ourselves apart from the competition even more with our new look. In addition, working with Pro Tent is a great experience."

Our interview partner

Guido Anderwert
Marketing Manager GAS
TREK Fahrrad GmbH 

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