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Pro-Tent festival tents turn every celebration into an experience

Starting in the spring and lasting through to the late autumn, mobile festival tents have become ubiquitous. Also referred to in the trade as ‘flying buildings’, these tents are not only commonplace at fairs and festivals but they also form a functional and stylish setting for private celebrations and events such as weddings, club parties, company celebrations and other outdoor events. Whenever you need a collapsible party tent of any dimensions, Pro-Tent is your manufacturer of choice. Thanks to their well-designed and sturdy construction, they require a minimum of effort to put up – and the high quality of the materials used means they don’t leak in the rain​​​​​​​.

Folding tents in large sizes

Large celebrations with a large number of guests require plenty of space. In other words, Pro Tent offers you not only the conventional sizes of 3 x 3 m4.5 x 3 m and 6 x 3 m, but also folding marquees measuring 4 x 4 m, 6 x 4 m and 8 x 4 m. Our Pro-Tent 5000 is ideal for large-scale celebrations attended by a large number of people, with space for up to 128 standing or 45 seated guests. In addition to their extensive area, our folding tents also have larger headroom.

Combining tents to provide even more space

If you find that not even our biggest folding tents offer enough space for your purposes, don’t worry. Pro Tent pavilions can be easily joined together using specially developed connection pieces. Our multifunctional weight plates can accommodate up to four poles, to safely and accurately join several marquees together, while PVC roof gutters prevent rain coming through the individual marquee roofs. The Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 and the Pro-Tent 5000 also permit the side gaps between two folding tents to be elegantly closed off with an optional fabric strip. These additional features make it a quick and easy matter to assemble entire cities of folding tents.

Record assembly times, even with several tents

A festival tent from Pro-Tent can be assembled and dismantled in a short space of time. This is of particular benefit in situations requiring several tents. When it comes to practical usefulness, folding tents have a distinct advantage over conventional marquees. Normal marquees consist of individual, usually heavy, parts, which have to be painstakingly assembled. Outdoor festivities are susceptible to unexpected interruptions due to changes in the weather, necessitating a quick response. Depending on requirements, one or several folding tents can be put up in only a few minutes, providing welcome protection against the weather. This means that is not always necessary to have a folding tent in place right from the start - but having one nearby means you are flexible. Folding tent systems from Pro-Tent can even be placed on locking castors that can be easily and quickly slid into place as required. This makes our system the most flexible and manoeuvrable of all.

Securing measures for enhanced stability

It unfortunately happens all too frequently. What starts off as a light summer breeze suddenly turns into a full-blown storm. It is therefore important that folding tents are sufficiently secured for all eventualities. The use of weight plates and sand bags is important, as is the use of anchors. Pro-Tent supplies sets of anchorings with the tent, which means they do not have to be purchased separately, unlike with other suppliers. When correctly secured and anchored, high-quality tents from Pro-Tent are able to withstand winds of up to force 8 on the Beaufort scale. However, it might still be advisable to discontinue the event if the weather conditions worsen. 

Festival tent highlights

Comprehensive range of marquee accessories

Side walls in different versions, counters, lighting systems, and much more – Pro-Tent marquees score highly with their extensive range of accessories.

The marquee is set up in record time

Without laborious preparatory work, the festival tent can be set up in record time at each site. Unfold the tent, adjust the height of the supporting poles – done! The side walls and other accessories can be fitted with little effort and without prior knowledge.

Wind-resistant and absolutely waterproof

The roofs and side walls of the Pro-Tent marquees are made of high quality polyester fabric, UV-stabilised, as well as thermally insulated against heat and cold. All seams are additionally sealed. The rust-free aluminium construction is particularly stable and impresses even after a long service life.

Frequently asked questions about outdoor tents

There is no simple answer to this question, because every celebration is subject to its own conditions. However, on average, you should allow between 0.25 and 0.5 square metres for each person standing inside the tent. Each seated person requires between 0.7 and 2 square metres of space, depending on whether the seats are arranged in rows or the guests are seated on beer benches, or at square or round tables. Space should also be allowed for walking areas, around the buffet and for the music system.

Pro-Tent supplies a wide range of accessories for your festival tent. Various sidewalls are available, with or without windows, as are doors, optional internal rooms for catering, non-slip flooring, a choice of LED lamps, heaters, power rails, cable ducts, roof liners, decorative and curtains, etc. The choice is enormous.

Naturally, parties are always best in the open air. To ensure unspoilt enjoyment out of doors, our folding tents are 100% waterproof, and UV protected. Thanks to their patented sidewall system with piping and slot, the MODUL 4000 and the Pro-Tent 5000 also offer excellent shelter from the wind, preventing the annoying flapping of sidewalls.  

Our most popular marquee

When our customers are celebrating, it's a case of “the bigger the better”! Our most popular marquee is the 8 x 4 m Pro Tent 5000. Additional weights ensure it remains stable in any weather. The sidewalls and panoramic back wall provide additional protection. Why not celebrate your party with our most popular marquee combination. So come and order now!

Pro-Tent 5000

Tent size

8 × 4 m


  • Sidewalls
  • Sidewall with zip fastener on the door
  • Panorama back wall
  • Weight plate (15 kg)
  • Water weight (50 l)


  • none

What our customers are saying

Everything went very well, from the quote to conclusion of contract. We received excellent advice, and the staff were all highly competent and could fulfil all our wishes. Thank you for the great work together. 

Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG

The provided pavilion proved to be top quality in all aspects. My personal highlight was the way the sidewalls are secured. Compared with all the efforts normally involved in a job of this kind (torn loops, sections too short, etc.), the Pro-Tent system is a blessing.

Katholische Kirchengemeinschaft St. Raphael / St. Paul Wuppertal Langerfeld


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