Deployment tent

The mobile operations centre from Pro-Tent for all situations

Pro-Tent deployment tents serve as a mobile emergency station in crisis situations and during rescue operations. They are used for ambulance or police missions as well as by the fire brigade. They are often used for first aid, as a mobile operation centre, supply tent or also to relieve emergency rooms. As it is very quick to set up, a Pro-Tent deployment tent saves you valuable time when it counts.

Areas of application for deployment tents


  • Relieving the burden on emergency rooms
  • Mobile deployment tent for providing supplies
  • Test station & fever outpatient clinic


  • Mobile operations centre for serious accidents
  • Police force tent for large events


  • Meeting tent during manoeuvres and operations
  • Mobile supply and crew tent

Fire brigade

  • Command centre tent for fire incidents
  • First aid provision and care of injured persons after a fire

Firefighters' tent

The advantages of your rapid-response rescue tent

Quick to assemble and dismantle
Suitable accessories

Perfectly designed for rapid deployment

  • Compact packing dimensions, robust transport bags and easy erection and dismantling within a few minutes make Pro-Tent folding tents the perfect mobile companion in tough everyday use.
  • Pro-Tent offers the only system that allows variablepartitions inside the tent. Indoor cabins can be arranged in different sizes depending on your needs and requirements. They are used, for example, as a separable treatment room, as a meeting room or as storage.
  • Roofs and side walls are weatherproof: They protect victims and helpers from sunlight and rain and keep dirt, dust and smoke outside.
  • Patients' personal rights can be better protected with side walls as privacy screens and ensure the necessary discretion in an emergency. Thanks to our connection system featuring slots and piping, the side walls are 100 percent opaque, there are no slits. Onlookers are completely blocked from seeing anything so that aid workers can concentrate on treating patients without being distracted.
  • All fabrics meet the requirements for flame-retardant building materials of building material class B1 and are therefore suitable for use in emergency situations.
  • Extensive range of accessories: Pro-Tent offers you a wide range of useful accessories.
  • Our floor system for providing comfort and safety: For folding tents in continuous use, we offer non-slip and slip-resistant floor panels.

Deployment tent standard colours

Your Pro-Tent deployment tent is available in 14 standard colours.

Deployment tent sizes

Our deployment tents are available in different sizes. The exact options depend on which folding tent series you choose. A total of twelve different standard sizes between 1.5 x 1.5 m and 8 x 4 m are available. This means that you will find a tent that is guaranteed to meet your size requirements.

The classic for quick operations.


The classic – small package dimensions, low weight, sovereign in wind and weather

The Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 impresses with its versatile equipment and stability.

MODUL 4000

Unique equipment details, optional with internal cabins, suitable for indoor exhibition stand

Our most stable folding tent in large sizes.


Maximum stability, available in large sizes, optional with internal cabins

Our deployment tents at a glance

The Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue: Your all-in-one rescue tent solution

For particularly demanding rescue operations, we recommend our Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue. This all-in-one solution consists of a Pro-Tent 5000 folding tent as the base. In addition, it contains a coordinated equipment package that is specially adapted to the operational areas of ambulance services, fire brigades, police etc. 

Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue

Tent size

3 x 3 m to 8 x 4 m


  • Special walls with extra-long PVC aprons
  • Combined door/window openings (110 cm wide)
  • Foldable PVC floor with water barrier and positioning plates
  • 12.5 kg weight plate for each stand

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about emergency tents

Our full range of accessories is available for your tent. This includes many different solutions, e.g. for additional protection of the tent, radiant heaters, rain gutters and much more. Simply point out that you are also interested in accessories in your contact inquiry. We will be happy to advise you and help you select the suitable accessories.

With our Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue we offer you an exclusive and professional all-in-one solution for operations in emergency and crisis situations. This rescue tent was specially developed by us for rescue operations: It combines special walls with extra-long PVC aprons, combined door/window openings (110 cm wide), a foldable PVC floor with water barrier and positioning plates as well as a 12.5 kg weight plate with ball lock pins for each stand. This prepares you for any kind of rescue operation.

In order to ensure reliable functionality and high durability even when the tent is frequently assembled and dismantled, high material quality and professional workmanship are essential. It is particularly important to pay attention to high quality when it comes to rescue tents, as they are sometimes moved from one location to the next on a daily basis. Cheaply made folding tents and DIY store folding tents are inexpensive to buy, but usually do not meet the high requirements.

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