Firefighters’ tent

When every second counts: the folding rescue tent for firefighters

In an emergency, for instance an accident or fire, speed can save lives: so it comes as no surprise that professional, voluntary, and youth firefighters have learned to trust Pro Tent folding tents. As they are so quick to assemble, our folding tents are particularly suitable. Thanks to their fast assembly, our folding tents are ideal for firefighters, e.g. as an emergency tent, rescue tent, or crew tent. Also as promotional stands at municipal festivals they fulfil an important purpose. Pro-Tent folding tents are also the suitable weatherproof equipment for successful and weatherproof use at club parties or other events. Discover the advantages of the Pro-Tent fire brigade tents!

Occasions and possible uses for your fire fighting tent

  • Professional fire brigade
  • Volunteer fire brigade
  • Emergency tent
  • Rescue tent
  • Protective tent
  • Team tent
  • Rest tent
  • Club tent

The advantages of your fire brigade tent

Quick to assemble and dismantle
Suitable fire fighting accessories

Your fire brigade tent can be set up in record time

A few simple steps and only two fire fighters are needed, and the mobile fire fighting tent is ready for use. You don't need any tools for this, and we have deliberately not included loose individual parts for our foldable fire brigade tent. The quick set-up saves valuable time thanks to the well thought-out folding construction of the ProTent folding tents. The compact packing size of our tents also saves valuable minutes during fire fighting operations, as it prevents losing time since emergency vehicles need to repacked frequently. Moreover, the available space in fire engines is usually severely limited.

Perfect for the requirements in emergencies

All fabrics used for Pro Tent folding tents meet the flame retardant requirements of building material class B1 and are therefore suitable for firefighting deployments. This also applies to the weatherproof sidewalls fitted as standard to our rescue tents. These protect victims and helpers not only against sunlight from the side and slanting rain, but also keep dirt, whirling dust, and fumes outside. At the same time, sidewalls also provide discretion during a firefighting deployment and obstruct the view of events to onlookers and media representatives. Helpers can then work with full concentration and without distractions. Also the victim’s privacy rights can be protected better with a concealing screen.

A wide range of applications for fire and accidents

Professional and military firefighters use our folding tents for a wide range of different purposes: as a medical or first aid tent where the injured are treated after an expressway accident or as an operations centre coordinating a large deployment of many rescue workers. Our mobile folding tents are also used as a protective or rest tent for the crew. Lastly, our folding tents also serve as promotional tents that above all voluntary firefighters use at events to demonstrate the importance of their work and to attract the coming generation.

A wide range of accessories for every fire fighting operation

We offer you a large range of accessories with which you can customise your fire fighting tent. In this way you can respond to any emergency in the most efficient manner. Side walls and cubicles/room dividers provide protection and discretion. You can secure your folding tent in any weather using various weight plates and the tensioning rope set or water weights. Additional floor plates ensure non-slip and slip-proof surfaces. For long operations on cold nights, LED floodlights ensure good illumination and radiant heaters provide comfortable temperatures for helpers and victims.

Fire fighting tents in various colours

Your Pro-Tent fire fighting tent is available in 14 standard colours.

Fire fighting tents in various sizes

In order to adapt your folding tent exactly to your needs, three folding tent series with twelve tent sizes from 1.5 x 1.5 m to 8 x 4 m are available. In addition, you can choose from a total of 14 standard colours and have your fire brigade tent printed individually. This allows you to design the folding pavilion according to your ideas and adapt it to your needs.

The classic for quick operations.


The classic – small package dimensions, low weight, sovereign in wind and weather

The Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 impresses with its versatile equipment and stability.

MODUL 4000

Unique equipment details, optional with internal cabins, suitable for indoor exhibition stand

Our most stable folding tent in large sizes.


Maximum stability, available in large sizes, optional with internal cabins

The Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue for demanding missions and emergencies

For particularly challenging rescue operations, we offer you the Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue as a complete solution. It is ideally tailored to the needs of various rescue services such as the fire brigade. Our Pro-Tent 5000 with frame and roof serves as the basis. This is complemented by the special side walls with extra-long PVC skirts and a matching PVC floor system including basic equipment with 12.5 kg weight plates. 

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“The acquisition is more than just worthwhile”

When an emergency arises, the course of the deployment is affected by details as well. This, Sascha Petermann knows exactly. As a Rüti voluntary firefighter, it is his job to keep cool in the face of danger. In a brief interview, he explained how Pro Tent folding tents help him keep track during deployments.

What was the reason that the Rüti voluntary firefighters decided in favour of Pro-Tent folding tents for their deployments in the first place?

We decided in favour of a Pro‑Tent tent because we could set them up quickly and they are made of tough materials.

What do the folding tents do exactly during your deployments? What situations are they used in?

The tent is useful for deployments involving many injured persons by shielding them against rubbernecks and serving as rest areas or sunshades for our personnel and as a concealing screen for our operations management.

Do you think the purchase has been worthwhile? Could other emergency services benefit from folding tents as well?

The acquisition of a Pro Tent folding tent has been more than just worthwhile for us. We are absolutely delighted and can only recommend it to others.

Our interview partner

Sascha Petermann
Volunteer fire department Rüti

Our most popular firefighters’ tent

The ideal emergency tent: our customers use the 6 × 4 m Pro Tent 5000. It is fitted with back walls and sidewalls as well as additional weights. As a result, this folding tent ensures privacy and fits securely in place on any terrain. So why not put your faith in our most popular emergency tent for firefighters!

Pro-Tent 5000

Tent size

6 × 4 m


  • Back wall
  • Sidewalls
  • Sidewall with zip fastener on the door
  • Weight plate (15 kg)
  • Water weight (50 l)


  • Roof panel

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