Folding tent as mobile sun protection

Practical shade providers: The Pro Tent Folding Pavilions

There’s nothing greater than an event held under a bright blue sky. Especially in glorious summer weather, however, it is important to think about the safety of all guests, visitors and employees at private garden parties, fairs and festivals: Tents and pavilions used for shade must have UV protection to make it difficult for dangerous UV radiation to penetrate the tent fabric. Particularly for larger outdoor events, using weatherproof folding pavilions is important. For planning reasons, the date of the event is usually fixed months in advance. You can’t tell beforehand whether there will be rain or shine for the days of the event.

UV protection for folding tents from Pro Tent

No matter whether at sporting events, for camping or at a summer party in your own garden: Folding tents from Pro Tent serve as reliable providers of shade at all outdoor events and can be erected within seconds if required. They also protect against direct sunlight and thus against the sun's dangerous ultraviolet rays. Since UV-B rays are particularly harmful to our skin, all folding tent fabrics from Pro Tent have UV protection of more than 98 percent.

Pro Tent folding pavilions – tested sun protection

The Pro Tent polyester fabrics have been tested to the designated standard AATCC 183:2014 and awarded UPF50+. UPF50+ means that less than one fiftieth of UV radiation can penetrate the fabric and thus reach the skin.

Additional measures for strong sunlight

Dark fabric colours can be used to enhance the UV protection effect. The dark fabrics of Pro Tent show a UV protection of 99.9 percent in the test. It is also important to consider indirect radiation from reflective surfaces, such as sand, concrete or snow, and to reduce radiation from the sides. In order to keep this so-called scattered radiation away from visitors or guests, there is the option of attaching side walls to the folding tent. In addition, the following applies: Even when using a pavilion with a good UV protection factor, people should always wear sunglasses and dark clothing and use sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

Further benefits of the shade providers from Pro Tent

On sunny days, the Pro Tent folding tents are quickly erected in just a few steps – without any tools. The fabrics of this mobile sunshade are also 100 % waterproof and thus also offer guests, customers and stand personnel a safe shelter in the event of sudden summer rain.

All benefits of the Pro Tent folding tents at a glance

Set up in record time

Extremly stable

Swiss quality & precision!

The original –
for more than 30 years!

Directly from manufacturer

100 % waterproof!

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