Individual folding tents: What special designs are there?

Folding tents can be modified and individualised in many ways

Not all folding tents are the same. It goes without saying that every customer has their own requirements regarding the functions and design of their folding tent. Depending on the challenges our customers face, we also develop individual folding tent solutions and customised products. In the past, Pro-Tent has taken on many customer-specific wishes and turned them into reality. Everything is possible!

What custom solutions are possible?

Depending on whether a folding tent is used as a sales stand, trade fair tent, for presenting products or as a club tent or drinks stand, it may require some adaptation. Individualised solutions can have a positive effect on sales and image. What custom solutions are possible?

  • Folding tents from Pro-Tent can be supplied from stock in twelve standard sizes. For special occasions, special sizes are also possible. Whether you want them higher, larger, flatter or smaller: We always keep the aspect of safety in mind for tents with the dimensions you request.
  • Side walls and folding tent roofs can be purchased in one of our standard colours or printed in CI colours or with a design all over. Transparent elements, for example in the roof, can also be added.
  • We offer a wide range of accessories for customising all three folding tent systems.
    For the MODUL4000, as well as the Pro-Tent 5000, the Premium lines from Pro-Tent, the range of equipment is particularly large - and in some cases exclusive: You won't find extras like inside cabins and fixed fillings with any other tent provider.
  • Because our folding tents are handmade, we can also customise seemingly unimportant details for you, for example the colour of the seams.
  • Accessories can also be customised at Pro-Tent. You need a folding tent bag in your corporate design? We make it possible.

How are our custom-made products created?

As the inventor of the aluminium folding tent, our know-how has continued to develop to this day. No other supplier of folding tent systems has as many patents as Pro-Tent. Since we offer premium products, we always work in a customer-oriented manner and place particular emphasis on quality. What else makes us stand out?

  • Pro-Tent cooperates closely with the customer to come up with creative solutions. We will advise you on your path to finding the perfect folding tent and will also be happy to explain all the options in detail.
  • We see ourselves as a partner to our customers. From the very first conversation to final delivery, we will always be there to assist you.
  • Prints are created at our in-house production site. The most advanced and high-precision machines are used. We create photo-realistic motifs with excellent colour brilliance.
  • You'll be looked after and advised by qualified staff - from sales to pre-press.
  • Providing proofs for our customers is of course part of our printing service.
  • We archive all print-relevant information for further future orders.
  • We will always be there for you after your purchase. You will get to know your individual folding tent including its full range of equipment and everything you can do with it in a product briefing.

We also fulfil unusual requests

We live up to our motto of "Everything is possible". Even when our customers approach us with unusual ideas, we find a solution or the right partner for the project. The following case studies will inspire you or why not simply browse through our references.

A solar system that can be quickly and easily attached to the tent roof provides the necessary power for every event - independent of power lines and sockets! Extremely practical and a real eye-catcher! The solar system consists of two solar panels and a Solicase, which contains a storage battery, the complete technology and the corresponding sockets and connections. The innovative, mobile solution for charging smartphone or e-bike batteries or for operating computer and lighting systems.

With a special connection module, the Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 and the Pro-Tent 5000 can be docked onto a motorhome as an awning in just a few simple steps. Chairs and tables that are placed in front of the motorhome when camping are thus perfectly protected from rain. During a day trip, the tent can be easily detached from the motorhome and remains at the camp site, whereas conventional canopies have to be laboriously rolled up and stowed away.

In the event of a rescue mission or accident, what you need is calm and discretion. Thanks to opaque fabrics and windowless side walls, our folding tents serve as emergency tents for the police, fire brigade, technical relief service or army.

If you want to enjoy the peace and quiet on the water, you need protection from strong sunlight and unruly weather. Thanks to our customised special sizes, you can make the most of the space you have with folding tents from Pro-Tent.

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