Durable folding pavilions thanks to high-tech materials

Real Swiss premium quality

When you buy a Pro-Tent folding tent, you are buying a premium product. It is particularly important to us that you can rely on your folding pavilion for a long time and every time you use it. That is why we use particularly robust high-tech materials for producing the tent in order to ensure a high level of durability.

At Pro-Tent, innovative high-tech materials come together in perfection

When we manufacture a folding pavilion, the attention to detail is reflected in every single component. Every material is precisely tested, every production step is precisely carried out and monitored. This is the only way we can guarantee the Swiss premium quality that our customers value so highly.

01. Robust polyester tent fabric

All side walls and tent roofs are made of polyester fabric with a PU (polyurethane) coating on the inside. This PU coating is often also used in functional outdoor clothing. This is a permanent impregnation. A thin film is applied to the fabric, making it 100% waterproof. At the same time, this coating makes the polyester fabric tear-proof, crease-proof and abrasion-proof. This makes our tent fabrics flexible and durable at the same time.

The advantages of Pro-Tent tent fabrics at a glance

  • Tear-proof, crease-proof & abrasion-proof due to PU-coated polyester
  • Lotus effect thanks to the use of silicone wax
  • 100 % waterproof with a water column of 10,000 mm
  • Light fastness 7 according to DIN 53952
  • Sun protection factor UPF 50+
  • B1 flame retardant according to DIN 4102

Weatherproof and waterproof design of the folding tent fabrics

Pro-Tent only manufactures weatherproof folding pavilions. In addition to the PU coating on the inside of the polyester fabric,  sealing the fabric surface with silicone wax on the outside is also responsible the weather proofness. This sealing provides a lotus effect. Dirt particles and water droplets have only a few contact points with the polyester fabric due to the layer and can therefore not stick to it, the water droplets bead up spherically and take dirt and dust particles with them.

The seams are often a weak point in tent fabrics. With Pro-Tent tent fabrics, these are additionally welded with a seam sealing tape with waterproof thread. This turns a potential weakness into a real strength. In this way our folding tents become 100% waterproof - and even exceed the specifications of ISO 811 (DIN EN 20811:1992) with a water column of 10,000 mm by more than double the required performance.

Our tent fabrics are light-fast and provide sun protection

The high-quality Pro-Tent tent fabrics are characterised by a light fastness of 7 (excellent). The light fastness provides information on how long colours are retained when used outdoors before they fade. Above all, sunlight with its high proportion of UV light has a strong decomposing effect. For fabrics, the degree of light fastness is measured with the blue scale according to DIN 53952 and rated on a scale of 1-8. With a light fastness of at least 7, our tent fabrics therefore guarantee a particularly high light fastness – another quality feature.

In addition, they also protect users from exposure to UV light. All Pro-Tent polyester fabrics have the highest possible sun protection factor of UPF 50+ (according to Australian/New Zealand standard) and thus offer UV protection of almost 100%.

With the addition of side walls, reflective sun rays from the sides are also blocked for maximum UV protection. Light fabric colours also reflect a large part of the sun's heat radiation, which means they heat up significantly less than dark fabric colours. Especially if the side walls are often closed with no air circulating inside, it is therefore worth choosing a light colour for summer use in order to benefit from the maximum performance of the tent fabrics.

Flame retardant fabrics according to B1

Our tent fabrics are certified as flame-retardant according to B1 (DIN 4102). This means that although the tent fabrics are basically flammable, they are also self-extinguishing, i.e. they extinguish again without action when the source of the fire is removed.

In most cases, country-specific regulations govern the use of materials that may be used at public events, functions and trade fairs. Since the safety of visitors is paramount, the materials used must have a test certificate or manufacturer's confirmation.

The high safety requirements usually stipulate that only materials that do not support the fire in the event of a fire may be used, which is the case with class B1 "flame retardant". This is why you can use your Pro-Tent folding pavilion at a wide variety of events without any problems thanks to the high-quality tent fabrics.

02. Folding tent profiles made of anodised aluminium

Unlike many conventional folding tents, which rely on steel as a material, we use aluminium with an alloy specially designed for frequent use, which gives all our folding tent frames ideal stability and strength combined with comparatively low weight. Aluminium folding tents have many advantages over steel folding tents.

The advantages of the aluminium folding tent profile at a glance

  • Stable and solid aluminium folding tent profile
  • High material thickness with low weight
  • System slot as a real innovation

The special folding tent profile cross-sections

Our sophisticated profile cross-sections are designed for maximum strength and rigidity using FEM analyses. The strength and rigidity of the profiles are determined with two parameters: the area moment of inertia and the resistance moment.

The area moment of inertia quantifies the resistance of a profile to bending or torsion and is thus a measure of rigidity. The resistance moment is a unit of measurement for the resistance of a profile to the internal stresses that arise under bending or torsional load and thus provides information on strength. In addition, we carry out load case calculations and optimise our aluminium profiles based on all these results.

High material thickness with low weight

Thanks to our precise tests and attention to detail, we can achieve high material strength with low weight for our profiles. This makes the folding tents easy to use and durable, ensuring a positive overall user experience.

The system slot – a real innovation on the Pro-Tent folding tent profiles

The system slot of the Pro-Tent folding tent profile is a special innovation that makes it possible to insert side walls directly into the frame. This means that the side walls close making them absolutely windproof and there is no need to use annoying velcro straps.

In addition, fixed wall panels made of forex/acrylic can also be inserted into the system slot to provide additional strength. The system slot is also an anchor point for attaching various accessories such as a bar counter, a flag system or simply a storage table or barrier tape.

The system slot therefore not only offers advantages in terms of stability, but also provides a much more attractive overall look for the folding tent.

03. High-quality design connectors made of high-tech plastic

All connectors of our folding tent frames are made of high-tech plastic reinforced with glass fibre. This material is also used in aircraft construction and stands for special premium quality.

It stands out thanks to its low weight, has ideal gliding properties at the same time and is nevertheless very stable and tough. This gives it clear advantages over aluminium connectors, which would scratch and also not slide smoothly on the aluminium profiles due to the close contact between the materials.

Three folding tent series for different customer-specific needs

Basically, all Pro-Tent folding tents are designed for maximum durability thanks to the use of high-tech materials and special Swiss engineering. All our folding pavilions still function smoothly after many years of use. However, as customer-specific needs can differ, we offer three different folding tent series, which differ in material thickness and profile shape as well as the available tent sizes.

While the simple Pro-Tent 2000 already offers a high degree of stability, but at the same time can still be transported clamped under an arm, the Pro-Tent 5000 is optimised for maximum durability, but is correspondingly heavier. The perfect compromise between versatility and stability is right in between with the Pro-Tent MODUL 4000.

Due to maximum stability, our particularly large tent sizes can only be realised with the Pro-Tent 5000. If you are looking for a folding tent for a large area, you will find it in this series.

You can therefore decide for yourself which tent size and which features are particularly important to you in your folding pavilion and select the suitable folding tent series to suit your area of use.

Experiment: Smart vs. folding tent

To test the durability of our folding tents beyond the usual tests, we conducted a special experiment and pursued a question that had only come up as a joke:  Can a Smart be suspended inside a Pro-Tent folding tent? You can see the detailed process and the results of this extraordinary duel in the video!

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