Medical tent

Professional folding tents for medical services

When you’re on duty as a paramedic, it often comes down to seconds. Therefore, it’s important that you can always rely on all your tools and that they are as easy to use as possible. As they are so quick to set up and are so sturdily designed, Pro-Tent medical tents are the perfect choice for paramedics who give their best every day.

Whether as a mobile first aid tent for providing aid at accident sites, as a stationary medical tent at events and festivals or even for demanding rescue operations - the folding tents from Pro-Tent always stand out due their exceptional Swiss premium quality. Your medical tent is the ideal combination of smooth functionality and maximum robustness. Sturdy, practical, versatile - discover the folding pavilion for paramedics and first responders now!

Occasions and possible uses for Pro-Tent work tents

  • Emergency & rescue operations
  • Events such as fêtes or city festivals
  • Medical tent
  • First aid tent
  • Relieving the burden on emergency rooms
  • Test station & fever outpatient clinic
  • Mobile supply tent
  • Public relations work to recruit members and staff 

The benefits of your Pro-Tent medical tent

Quick to assemble and dismantle
Practical accessories

This is why paramedics rely on our first aid tent

Folding tents from Pro-Tent are the result of decades of experience, well thought-out engineering and high-quality materials such as aluminium and high-tech plastic. A final quality assurance process additionally contributes to the fact that every folding tent bears witness to our promise of Swiss premium quality.

This enables us to offer you a first aid tent for your rescue operations that reliably supports you in your work and makes your everyday work easier. It is easy to transport, quick to set up and can withstand strong winds and bad weather. All tent fabrics are 100% waterproof, certified as B1: flame retardant and have a UV protection factor of 50+. These special properties ensure that paramedics around the world rely on our folding tents during rescue operations.

Equip your medical tent with suitable accessories

Every emergency situation is different and it is important that you can adapt quickly. To ensure that your folding tent is suitable for all these different uses, you can personalise it with accessories and equip it precisely to meet your requirements.

In order to guarantee discretion and privacy at the scene of an accident, you can protect affected persons with side walls and cabins/room dividers from onlookers. LED floodlights and radiant heaters are your faithful companions on night-time missions. Secure your folding tent with additional weight plates and the professional tensioning set. By using floor plates, you create a safe and slip-proof working area, even in bad weather.

Clearly recognisable design for your first aid tent

Our printing service knows how to design your folding tent exactly the way you want. In the case of medical tents, the focus is primarily on the practical benefits of the design. The most important thing is that your first aid tent is recognised as such.

With the appropriate design, we ensure that the tent is recognised from a distance as a contact point for first aid and medical care at events. We take into account the respective colours and corresponding logos of your first aid society.

Medical tents in various sizes

We offer you a total of three series as a basis with twelve tent sizes from 1.5 x 1.5 m to 8 x 4 m. The various tents differ in terms of their stability and expansion options. So you are free to choose whether you want a medical tent that is as compact and easy to transport as possible, or whether a large surface area, maximum equipment options and stability are particularly important to you.


The classic - small package dimensions, low weight, sovereign in wind and weather

MODUL 4000

Unique equipment details, optional with internal cabins, suitable for indoor exhibition stand


Maximum stability, available in large sizes, optional with internal cabins

Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue: the practical all-in-one solution

The Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue is an all-in-one solution that we have designed especially for the demanding tasks of rescue workers. It is ideally tailored to the needs of different rescue forces - and thus also those of paramedics and first responders. The basis is our most stable folding tent, the Pro-Tent 5000. In addition, we supply a precisely coordinated equipment package that makes it the ideal medical tent.

Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue

Tent sizes

3 x 3 m to 8 x 4 m


  • Special walls with extra-long PVC skirts
  • Combined door/window openings (1.1 m wide)
  • Foldable PVC floor with water barrier and positioning plates
  • 12.5 kg weight plate for each stand

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