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Smart vs. folding tent

Sometimes the most exciting moments come from the craziest ideas. At some point in our company, the question came up - more as a joke - whether it would be possible to hang a Smart from one of our folding tents. Different opinions quickly emerged about whether the tent could hold the car. With all the speculation, it became clear that we needed…

The interior of a folding tent used by the BFU as a mobile Escape Room.

Case Study: BFU

The BFU (Swiss Federal Agency for Accident Prevention) researches, advises and trains people so that fewer serious accidents occur in Switzerland - in traffic, at home, in leisure time or in sports. For training courses on a a customer's premises or in training centres , we have implemented a very special project for the BFU - a Pro-Tent folding…

Pro-Tent perimeter advertising along the marathon course with athletes running.

Case study: Zurich Marathon

Taking you through the beautiful city of Zurich and along Lake Zurich: The Zurich Marathon offers a 42.195 kilometre sporting challenge on a course that stands out thanks to its special atmosphere. As a traditional Swiss company, we have been a long-established service partner for the organisers for quite some time - and also accompanied the Zurich…

People rowing on rowing ergometers under Pro-Tent folding tents on the forecourt of the Frankfurt Opera House.

OBU live marketing – event agency

Pro-Tent folding tents are ideal for events of all kinds. Igor Obu, former professional mountain bike rider and world record holder with his jump of 42.11 m from the Olympic ski jump in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, also knows this.

A champagne cooler and two glasses on a table in the FairwaySports folding golf tent.

FairwaySports: a Pro-Tent 5000 folding tent for golf events

The golf marketing & event agency FairwaySports is the strategic partner for corporate events, sponsoring and marketing measures in the golf sector. With over 15 years of experience, FairwaySports offers exceptional golf events.

A red Pro-Tent folding tent in front of a former army baking vehicle that was refurbished by Herzensbäckerei.

Herzensbäckerei: Mobile baking station with Pro-Tent folding tent

What the art of engineering is to us, the craft of baking is to the Herzensbäckerei. Handmade bread and rolls are lovingly shaped from flour, water and salt in Pegenau. The bakery has refurbished an unused Swiss army bakery for mobile outdoor use – and we were happy to contribute the matching Pro-Tent folding tent.

A weatherproof folding pavilion from Pro-Tent being used at a ski event in snow-conditions.

Glacier3000: Branded tent for outdoor use

The Swiss company Gstaad 3000 AG operates several ski lifts and cable cars in the Glacier3000 glacier area. Since 2019, Glacier3000 has relied on the weatherproof folding tents from Pro-Tent.

The interior of the folding tents used by Trek Bicycle

Promotion in the fast lane: Trek Bicycle uses folding tents from Pro-Tent

Trek Bicycle uses Pro-Tent's professional folding tents at promotional events in the DACH region. Guido Anderwert, Marketing Manager of Trek Bicycle GmbH, explains in an interview why the company chose Pro-Tent's products and how Pro-Tent's work stands out from the competition.

Puma: successful Pro-Tent appearance at a trade fair.

Puma: Successful trade fair presence with Pro-Tent

When it comes to promotion, the Puma sports group trusts in Pro-Tent's promise of and many years of experience.

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