Field service promotion campaign

What you need for your successful advertising stand

Direct marketing thanks to being present with a street stall at events, campaign weeks or without a specific occasion is still a great way to gain valuable attention. After all, this gives you the chance to reach your target group directly and to convince them in a face-to-face conversation. It doesn't matter whether you want to promote a new product, a service or possibly your company as an employer.

Companies often plan entire promotional tours by being present in different cities on consecutive days. Short-term promotions in front of your own shop can of course also be useful to attract new customers.

Are you new to the world of promotion in the field? Then we'll explain to you what you need to consider to make your promotion a complete success.

Define a clear goal for your promotion campaign

A clear goal is important so that everyone involved knows exactly what goals are to be achieved. Is it just about attracting attention? Or do you want to sell a product, gain supporters or increase the turnover of your shop?

Maybe you also want to find people on the spot to fill in application forms or obtain contact details? You may also be campaigning for a political party, collecting donations for a non-profit organisation or recruiting members for a club.

The important thing is simply to determine in advance what you want to achieve. Because it’s only with a clear objective that can you later check whether your promotion campaign was a success - and prepare your staff appropriately.

The most important part of your promotion - your staff

Promotion in the field thrives on direct contact with people. It's about communicating your product really well and with great dedication. Accordingly, it’s important that your staff are well prepared and briefed.

They must be able to approach strangers with ease and engage them in conversation. The promotion stand will only be worthwhile if people can be engaged in direct conversation. So be sure to invest enough time in your staff in advance and train them accordingly. This is especially true if you are running a small company without any real field service professionals.

Secure your stand at the location of the promo action

Whether it's a street festival, a trade fair or a free promotion stand - there are always legal issues such as registrations to deal with. That’s why it’s important that you clarify these legal aspects with the organisers or the administration in advance.

Determine everything in advance (stand size, time ...). If you will be using a promotion tent, for example, then you know exactly how much space you will need - and can take along a smaller tent if necessary, if less space is available. If you’re going on a longer promotional tour, you should clarify these aspects for each city. In this way, you can create planning security for the entire advertising campaign in advance.

Create appropriate promotional material in sufficient quantity

Many people still like to have something tangible to hold and read. After all, there are many product benefits you can communicate in a conversation and you can often only focus on the key points. Depending on the product or service, potential customers need time for consideration. Of course, it makes a difference whether you want to promote one-off donations, newspaper subscriptions or financial services.

So you can hardly do without appropriate promotional material. Be sure to provide appropriate information in the form of a flyer, brochure or catalogue. These should be high quality and represent your company and your product in the right way.

You should also consider in advance how you want to stage the advertising material on site. For example you can use a promotion tent with corresponding brochure shelves.

When you go on a promotional tour, space is of course also a big factor when transporting everything. That’s why you should always take as many promotional materials as necessary, but as few as possible. Rely on your experience and, if in doubt, take a few more materials with you rather than too few. In one-off campaigns, this space issue often doesn’t play much of a role.

Take the digital world into consideration for your promotion campaign

Bridges between the offline and online world can be very exciting for your target group. This can be a printed QR code on the side wall of your folding tent or on the advertising material for people to find more information or view products digitally.

Depending on the plan, you can also integrate VR goggles, which are becoming increasingly popular at trade fairs, for example, to get the most out of the smallest possible exhibition space.

You could also accompany your promo campaign using digital media and publish live impressions on social media so that everyone interested can follow your promotion tour.

Offer an incentive for people to visit your promotion stand

No one likes to be drawn into a sales pitch. Accordingly, it’s important that you offer a suitable incentive. This starts with designing your promotion stand in an appealing way. For example, use a folding tent with eye-catching printed tent fabric and additional accessories such as flags or counters to attract people’s attention and interest.

Promotional gifts featuring your logo can also work as an additional incentive. The classics are mugs, pens, calendars, soft toys or jelly bears - but you can also be more creative if you want. The main thing is that it fits your target group.

Depending on the occasion - e.g. a street festival - you can also include a special promotion such as a discount wheel of fortune or other competitions where people can win something. Just make sure it's something special that will score points with your target group.

Get a suitable vehicle for your promotional tour

If the one-off promotion takes place right on your doorstep or close-by this aspect does not carry much weight. For a proper promo tour, however, you need a vehicle big enough to transport all your material and the stand itself.

And you also have to get enough people into the vehicle as well. For small events on one day, this can often be managed with a normal car, but for a longer promotional tour, you should rent a van or sprinter.

Be sure to think about providing sufficient catering for your field staff

A day at the promotion stand can be long and exhausting. Accordingly, it’s important to keep up everyone’s energy levels. So be sure to provide enough supplies.

This includes water, but also sugary products such as soft drinks or chocolate for supplying short-term energy.

Everything else can be taken care of with short breaks, which are also important to keep your strength and your spirits up. Because you need everyone’s full energy to be successful.

Use Pro-Tent folding tents for your promotion stand

A promotion stand has clear requirements: it must be quick to assemble and dismantle, be weather-resistant, be eye-catchingly designed, be easy to transport and be well-equipped.

Your Pro-Tent folding tent can offer all this. The high-quality promotion tents stand out thanks to their exceptional properties:

  • 100 % waterproof
  • Windproof when properly secured.
  • Certified as B1: flame retardant
  • UV stability factor 50+

This special quality ensures that the folding pavilions are perfectly suited for ongoing use and the stressful daily routine on promotional tours.

You can choose from a total of 3 folding tent series with a total of 12 sizes and 16 standard colours. In addition, three printing methods from logo branding to photo-realistic motifs offer you particularly eye-catching design options.

The range is rounded off by matching accessories such as mobile counters, side and rear walls, a flag system, brochure trays or the design storage table.

Prepare your promotion campaign accordingly

What the follow-up looks like exactly depends, of course, on the campaign itself. If you had a promotion stand in front of your shop, you can now compare whether sales have increased and your campaign was a success.

In other areas, too, you can see directly from the figures whether you have reached your goal, e.g. When fundraising for non-profit organisations or recruiting members for associations. In other areas, such as election campaigns for parties, it’s more difficult to prove success directly in figures.

At the end of a long promotional tour, you may have a list of new contacts that you have to call and follow up. The exact form of post-processing depends only on your objective - and should be carried out conscientiously in order to check whether your campaign was a success.

Checklist: 10 steps to a successful promotion campaign

  • Define a clear goal
  • Prepare your staff appropriately
  • Determine and clarify the locations
  • Create promotional material
  • Create bridges to the digital world
  • Offer an incentive at the stand
  • Get a suitable vehicle
  • Ensure catering at the stand
  • Use Pro-Tent promotion tents
  • Follow up the promo campaign
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