How to calculate the size of your folding tent

How big should your folding pavilion be?

Before buying a folding tent, you are faced with an important question: How big should the tent be? There are many options to choose from, e.g. from small folding tents of 1.5 x 1.5 m (2.25 m²) to larger versions of 8 x 4 m (32 m²).

The right tent size is very important and decides how practical your tent will be. Choosing the correct size therefore depends on your exact area of use and what you are planning to use the folding pavilion for. We will help you decide and provide you with formulas you can use find the right-sized tent for you.

These factors influence the choice of tent size

Basically, you need to be clear about a few things before you buy your folding tent. These preliminary considerations prevent you from inadvertently selecting the wrong size and then finding out you picked the wrong dimensions. You have to answer a total of three questions for yourself:

Of course, it makes a difference whether you use the tent alone as a market stall, as a trade fair stand with several people or for catering. All these use cases place different demands on the number of people that must fit under your folding pavilion.

Is your folding tent used for promotion campaigns or at trade fairs and only accommodates a few people and advertising material? Or will you use it as an exhibition space for your products? Perhaps you would also like to set up a cosy lounge for your guests? Depending on the application, you must therefore adapt the size not only to the number of people, but also to the material that is to be placed under the folding pavilion.

At markets, festivals or fairs, the stand rental is usually charged depending on the size of the stand. Here, a few square metres of space can quickly drive up costs. In addition, there are sometimes limits regarding the size of the tent. You should also take these factors into consideration before ordering a folding tent.

Calculating the tent size: How many people fit under a folding pavilion?

There are various formulas for calculating the space required by people under a folding tent. It depends on whether the people are sitting or standing and whether chairs, beer tent sets or tables with chairs are used.

Rules of thumb: This is how much space people need under your folding tent

  • Standing: Number of persons x 0.5m² = space requirement in m²
  • For rows of chairs: Number of persons x 0.7 m = space requirement in m²
  • For beer tent sets: Number of persons x 0.8 m = space requirement in m²
  • For chairs with tables: Number of persons x 1.2 m = space requirement in m²

You can also reverse the formulas to calculate how many people will fit under an existing folding pavilion. In this case, the following applies, for example, with people standing: Tent size in m²: 0.5 = number of persons. You can also rearrange the other formulas according to the same scheme.

To illustrate this, let’s do a small calculation example. We’ll imagine that we are planning a small event with 20 people. They will be staying outdoors under a folding pavilion. With our formulas, the space requirement is therefore as follows:

  • Standing: 10 m²
  • For rows of chairs: 14 m²
  • For beer tent sets: 16 m²
  • For chairs with tables: 24 m²

Of course, you can also use the formula to mix standing and sitting places. You may want to offer tables with chairs for 10 people and standing room for another 10 people. Then you simply combine both formulas (10 x 0.5 + 10 x 1.2 = 17 m² space requirement).

These rules of thumb will give you a good guide for planning your tent size when it comes to simply accommodating people. We recommend never buying the exact size you calculated. You should rather take the folding pavilion one size larger so that the guests have a little buffer space. After all, not all people are exactly the same size and someone might bring a pram or a dog.

What equipment and materials can be stored under the folding tent?

Unfortunately, there is no similar formula for determining the space required for materials. This is simply because equipment varies greatly in size. A complete market stall with vegetable and fruit display simply takes up more space than a few boxes of flyers or brochures.

That’s why it’s important to think carefully about what you want to put under your folding tent. Note down the respective space requirements in m² (e.g. the area of the vegetable crates, the size of the advertising material boxes, the size of the products on display).

Add up the total sizes and add on enough free space. The amount of open space required depends on whether, for example, customers should be able to come under the folding pavilion and look around or whether you are alone under your market tent.

A good option - if you already have the material – is to set up everything on a suitable open space and measure it. This gives you an exact value and allows you to order precisely the folding tent size that suits your area of use.

Popular tent sizes for frequent occasions

In our more than 30-year history as a manufacturer of high-quality folding tents, we have gained a lot of experience with different tent sizes and industries. Some tent sizes have turned out to be characteristic for certain purposes. This does not mean that this size is necessarily right for you. But this way you at least have a practical point of reference.

Pro-Tent offers you folding pavilions in a wide range of tent sizes

At Pro-Tent you can choose from 3 series with a total of 12 tent sizes. These range from 1.5 x 1.5 m (2.25 m²) to 8 x 4 m (32 m²). With this diverse selection of standard sizes, you are sure to find the version that suits your purpose. Whether it's a small family reunion or a larger celebration - there's always room for enough people under the Pro-Tent folding tents.

Pro-Tent folding tent size

Persons standing

Persons in rows of chairs

Persons at beer tent sets

Persons at tables with chairs

1.5 × 1.5 m





2 × 2 m





2.4 × 2.4 m





3 × 1.5 m





3 × 2 m





3 × 3 m





4 × 2 m





4 × 4 m





4.5 × 3 m





6 × 3 m





6 × 4 m





8 × 4 m





Coupling folding tents: Connect several folding pavilions

Identical Pro-Tent folding pavilions can be coupled together quickly and easily. You can quickly create more space with rain gutters and connecting brackets. For example, 6 x 4 m folding tents can be coupled together on the short side as many times as you like, allowing you to cover even large areas without any problems.

Four coupled 6 x 4 m folding tents already reach a total length of 16 m with a width of 6 m, which corresponds to an area of 96 m². Thanks to this modular construction, you can always use your Pro-Tent folding tent flexibly, both with regard to how many you want to use and how you want to arrange them.

Having difficulties calculating the right tent size? We’ll help you!

It’s often not easy to take all factors into account and to determine the correct space requirements. We are happy to assist you and help you choose the right tent size. We will take all your individual requirements and needs into account. In this way, you receive the trade fair tent that exactly fits your area of use.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about choosing folding tent sizes

The exact number of people depends on whether people will be standing or sitting. The following rules of thumb can be used to work this out:

  • Standing: Tent size in m²: 0.5 = number of persons
  • For rows of chairs: Tent size in m²: 0.7 m = number of persons
  • For beer tent sets: Tent size in m²: 0.8 m = number of persons
  • For chairs with tables: Tent size in m²: 1.2 m = number of persons

This means, for example, that a folding tent of 20 m² can accommodate a total of 40 people standing, approx. 28 people in rows of chairs or 25 people at beer tent sets.

At Pro-Tent, you can choose from 3 folding tent series with a total of 12 standard sizes between 1.5 x 1.5 m and 8 x 4 m. In addition, you have the option of coupling several identical Pro-Tent folding tents together, so that you can also cover larger areas without any problems.

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question. The space required depends very much on the individual area of use and your needs. There are three factors you should consider:

  1. Number of persons: How many people will there be under the folding pavilion?
  2. Material: For example, is there furniture, advertising material or other things under the folding tent?
  3. Specifications: Does floor space cost more or are there prescribed upper limits?

We will be happy to advise you personally and help you choose the right size for your folding pavilion.

You can easily couple Pro-Tent folding tents with models of the same design to increase your space. This allows you to go beyond the maximum tent size of 8 x 4 m. Coupling two smaller folding tents can be an advantage over one large one if you already have a smaller folding tent and only sometimes need the larger area. This gives you the flexibility to take a single folding tent with you when you need less space, and link the two together when you need more space.

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