Catering equipment

This equipment is essential for your new catering business

Whether it's a wedding, a company party or a community festival - catering is an important part of many events. Because delicious food contributes significantly to creating a good mood among visitors and guests.

Are you new to working as a caterer or do you only take on occasional assignments? Then it’s especially important that you ensure the event runs smoothly thanks to good and thorough planning. We explain which catering equipment you shouldn't forget so that the job is a complete success!

What you need to know about your catering job in advance

Before you start packing, you need to find out a few things about your catering job. Because the information you need to prepare the food is just as important for packing the right equipment.

The quantities of food, the number of people to be served and the type of catering (buffet, menu, finger food, live cooking, flying dinner ...) are important factors when it comes to deciding what equipment you need to take with you.

This also includes information about the location itself: Will the catering take place indoors or outdoors? Are tables already available or do you have to organise them yourself? What about the tableware? Keep these details in mind before loading up your vehicle.

The right vehicle for transporting your catering equipment

Catering companies and party services often have to transport a lot of gear. On the one hand, there is the food itself, which often takes up a lot of space. On the other hand, depending on the occasion, you also have to transport a lot of equipment as well.

This equipment includes, for example, cooking facilities, catering containers, tableware and promotional material. A folding tent is also often part of outdoor events, but ideally does not take up much space and is easy to stow away.

You should therefore consider acquiring a larger vehicle or even a minibus early on if you want to get started with your catering business.

The most important equipment: Everything to do with your catering food supplies

Basically, the focus on the food itself and all the equipment that is directly related to it. This includes, for example:

  • Stainless steel catering containers: These containers are particularly hygienic and suitable for presenting food as they come in different sizes and depths.
  • Presentation accessories: The gastro containers are complemented by matching racks, lids and fuel paste to keep hot food at the buffet hot long enough.
  • For self-service: Appropriate cutlery and signs with labels are essential especially for buffets. After all, your guests want to know what they are eating. - Food accessories: Chopping boards and good knives can also be important (if carving something live). The packing list also often includes sauce boats, ladles, bread baskets etc.
  • Roof covering: To make sure you are prepared for any weather outdoors, it makes sense to provide a roof for the food using a folding tent. This is easy to stow away and provides protection for catering in all weathers. It also ensures that the buffet stands out visually from the surroundings.

Full-range service: When the catering company brings the tableware

Depending on the occasion and location, it’s common practice for the caterer to bring the tableware as well. For many party services, this also offers the opportunity to earn additional money.

If you have such a job, you must of course remember to pack appropriate tableware such as plates (if necessary for starters, main course and dessert), cutlery (also for all courses) and napkins.

You also need appropriate transport containers in which you can transport the dishes to the event and back without damaging them.

Live cooking as a highlight of your party service

Good food can profit greatly from good presentation. So consider whether you would like to offer live cooking. If you are booked for this, you must of course bring the appropriate equipment.

For indoor events, this can be an electric or gas-powered cooking surface. You will also need all the ingredients for the planned dish and the appropriate cooking tools (spoons, ladles, pans, pots...). If it’s an outdoor event, the possibilities are more diverse. Here you can also use a charcoal or gas barbecue to give your catering business a special touch.

In both cases, a folding tent is helpful, for example, to present, carve, fillet and serve your dishes in a separate area.

Set up your personal catering stand

If the event takes place outdoors, you often have to set up the entire catering stand yourself. But this can also be the case with indoor catering. This often involves first clearly demarcating it as a stand. The folding tent already mentioned with corresponding side walls is suitable for doing this.

In this case, you still need suitable folding tables, tablecloths and a little decoration. Make sure you have plenty of table space available for your catering.

However, you may also be able to negotiate with the organiser that beer tables will be provided for you on site and that you only have to set them up and decorate them appropriately.

Your Pro-Tent catering tent is an integral part of your equipment

Your high-quality catering folding tent from Pro-Tent contributes to the success of every catering job. You can choose from 3 series with a total of 12 sizes and select the one that suits your catering business best.

You can stage your company in the best light, thanks to the the many design options which offer a wide range of colours, logo options and photo-realistic printing, Pro-Tent folding tents are robust, 100% waterproof and windproof when secured properly. This makes them a reliable member of the catering team, even in difficult weather conditions.

As the are quick to assemble and dismantle, you have more time for entertaining your guests. At the same time, your tent is easy to pack up and transport, so it doesn't take up much space in your vehicle.

With matching accessories such as a bar counter, LED floodlights or weight plates, you can also adapt your catering tent to suit your needs.

Think about your brand - and present your catering company

There is no better way of presenting your brand than on an actual catering job. Because if your food is good, your company will literally be on everyone's lips. Delicious food is your best business card.

Nevertheless, make sure to stage your brand properly as well. Of course you have to trust your instinct on how to this depending on the specific event. At a company party, you can bring a display with brochures.

For a wedding, on the other hand, you should keep it discreet and use branded bread baskets, for example. Here, your catering tent offers another advantage: You can have your logo printed on it easily and be visible as a company at all times.

Checklist: 8 points on the packing list for your party service

  • Obtain all the information about the job.
  • Get a suitable transport vehicle.
  • Pack all your food accessories.
  • Think of all the tableware you need for a full service job.
  • Bring appropriate equipment for live cooking.
  • Plan the tables and decoration for your catering stand.
  • Use a catering tent from Pro-Tent.
  • Stage your brand in the best light
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