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Das individuelle Faltzelt

Individual folding tents: What special designs are there?

Folding tents can be modified and individualised in many ways

Pro-Tent supports the well-known mountain bike event with professional folding tents.

Pro Tent sponsors the talent factory of Swiss MTB sport

Eight stages, three language regions, great routes: The Swiss Bike Cup, the national race series directly below the World Cup, is where the Swiss mountain biking talent is developed.

Go Green: Folding tents as a sustainable solution

Go Green: Professional folding tents as the sustainable solution

Celebrate and advertise sustainably – with durable and long-lasting folding tents from Pro-Tent

Folding tents with UV protection protect against direct sunlight.

Folding tent as mobile sun protection

The tent fabrics of Pro-Tent folding pavilions provide optimal protection against UV radiation. Tent walls additionally shield guests from sun rays entering from the side.

Weather-resistant folding marquees

Buying weather-resistant folding marquees: What you should bear in mind

This is how you can see before you buy a folding tent if a provider fairly embellishes his goods with the attribute "weather-resistant".

We focus on moral principles in manufacturing.

The folding tent of the future: Research and development at Pro-Tent

Pro-Tent follows a simple principle - perfection! Nowhere is this more noticeable and visible than in product development.

Puma: Successful trade fair appearance with Pro-Tent

Puma: Successful trade fair presence with Pro-Tent

When it comes to promotion, the Puma sports group trusts in Pro-Tent's promise of and many years of experience.

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